Questions Matter ? What Are Your Go To Questions?

I was at a dinner party last month engaging in a pleasant conversation with my wife and a friend in his mid sixties. Out of nowhere, my wife asked him the most interesting question, "If the 65 year-old you could go back and talk to the 35 year-old you, what would he tell him?" It was a thought provoking question. Though my wife and I had known the individual for many years the conversation that followed revealed things neither of us had known. It reminded me of the simple truth that the questions we ask people really matter. This truth is especially relevant to financial advisors as our job is to help financial strategies connect to an individual's goals and dreams and to help them manage emotions in times of panic and uncertainty. To be effective in our role it is critical we have a deep understanding of our clients.

Over the years a number of questions have been promoted by industry gurus and have been proven effective in getting clients to reveal themselves. For example: What is important about money to you (Bill Bachrach)? If you were to look back three years from now on your relationship with me (financial advisor), what has to happen for you to view it as a success (Dan Sullivan)? What keeps you up night?

A well thought out list of thought provoking questions will help you move past the dollars and cents of working with clients and connect with them on a deeper level. Leading to a more comprehensive understanding of what is important to them and how you can best meet their needs. Click below for a copy of the New Conversations Rediscovery Guide to learn a comprehensive process that will help you use thought provoking questions to develop a better relationship with your clients.

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