Innovator: Roger Curtis

AdvisorPod listeners ? Check out this Business Week article on Roger Curtis, CEO of the Michigan International Speedway. Curtis had the courage to look beyond the day-to-day of his business. First, he spends his time figuring out how to make his core business better (e.g. alleviating post-race traffic jams. From there he thinks beyond his core business to see where there are unconventional business opportunities (e.g. how can I use this track and facility to make money on days without a race.) Applying those two lessons to your business, consider: (a) what am I doing to make it easier for clients to engage the advice and services of me and my team? What experience is the client having with my business before, during and after every interaction? And how can I make that better?; and (b) what underutilized business resources ? including human capital ?can be used to improve my core business? Or to launch a complimentary business line?

Here is a link to the Business Week article